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Testimonial From A Happy US Tax Client:

My US federal and state income tax returns were prepared in less than 24 hours resulting a refund from both IRS and California State. Farid not only took time to explain everything he had done for me, but also all of the mistakes that my previous accountant had made, and provided suggestions to rectify them. For his service, I have been charged a shockingly reasonable fee in comparison to my previous return preparer in California.

Being an extremely satisfied client, I strongly recommend using Mr. Farid U. Kamal, CPA (USA) for professionally competent and reliable US federal and state tax return in Ontario, Canada. I will be referring him to all of my clients as well as using his services for my Canadian taxes.

Christine Merritt

Broker (Real Estate)

Coldwell Banker Terrequity Realty Inc. Brokerage


Tel: 416 270 4714

Summary of Services:

US Canada Cross Border Tax Services; International Tax Services; US Tax Services;

US Tax Accountant in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Canadian Tax and Other Services:


· PERSONAL TAX RETURN(T1)(Tax Filing including Final Return (Death)/Efilie, Tax Planning, Tax Return Correction/T1 Adjustment)

· CORPORATE TAX RETURN(T2) (Federal and Provincial)

· Self Employed Tax Return, Rental and Other Business Income

· Full cycle of Accounting and Bookkeeping services -Monthly and Annual

· Government Filings: HST, WSIB, Payroll Tax returns

· Payroll Processing & Preparation of T4, T5, T4A, 5008 Slips, T4 Summary

. Business Registration, HST Registration, Set-up, Consultation and Completion of Various Forms

. Closing/Dissolution of Corporation, Small Business

. Strategic Consultancy/Direction (Manufacturing or non-manufacturing): To Transform Loosing Concern into Profitable; To Improve Costing, To Improve Profitability

. Consultancy for Internal Control Improvement to Protect Cash and Other Assets

· Help in Setting up of New Corporation or Business in Canada and USA

. Business Plan(To Arrange Financing/loan)

. Projected Balance Sheet, Projected Income Statement, Projected Cash-flow, etc

· Assistance for Canada Revenue Agency(CRA) Audits

. Tax Appeal

· Trust (T3)

. Non-resident Tax

Canadian Accounting:


· Financial Statements Preparation, Notice to Reader/Compilation (To Comply the Bank and Other Requirement -- i.e. Financial Statements to be Compiled by a Canadian Certified Accountant with Public Practice License -- with regards to Loan and Other Purpose) Using CaseWare Software for WP.

US Tax and Accounting:


· US Tax Return(US Internal Revenue Service - IRS- Authorized Tax Practitioner having IRS's PTIN and CPA Practice License from USA): Federal and All States (including City, School District Board) Tax Returns (as far back as 2002) for US Citizen, Green Card Holder, Non-residents living in Canada (even who does not have ITIN, we help to process ITIN certifying passport and related documents as US IRS authorized Certifying Acceptance Agent-CAA); Single, Married Filing Separately, Married Filing Jointly, Head of Household, Qualified Widow(er); Self-employment; US FBAR, FATCA, US Rental Income from US Property in Florida and all other states; US Withheld Tax/Refund (Casino-Slot,etc/Sale of US Property, etc); Partnership; Gift/Estate tax/Final return (death), US LLC, US C Corporation, Canadian Corporation Doing Business in US -Canada, 5471, 5472, US GILTI, Multistate Tax Return.

· Consultation with regards to the form of ownership and tax effect (US-Canada) for prospective Buying/Selling of US Property (Florida & Other States)

· Filing of Time Extension for US Tax Return, US Form 1099, US W-2, US 1042-S, etc

· Reporting ofForeign Bank and Financial Accounts for US Tax Authority (FBAR)(Including back years) & Reporting under FATCA, GILTI, Form 5471, 5472, etc

· Handling of Penalty for late filing of Form 5471/5472

US Person Living in Canada or Dual Resident:   

Did you ever reported to US IRS ? No ! Come on ! You immediately need to comply with the IRS's requirements to minimize or avoid penalty and interest.

US Tax ID Number (ITIN):

We are IRS authorized Certifying Acceptance Agent (CAA) for ITIN application to have the US tax ID.

US Rental Property in Florida or in Any Other States of USA:

Did you buy any US rental property ? If yes, let's help you to comply both US and Canadian tax law !!

To avoid not only double taxation but also to minimize your net US-Canada tax liability complying US-Canada treaty, let’s allow to file your both US and Canadian tax returns making consistency with one another.

Canadian Tax Return & US Tax Return:

We are US Tax Return preparer as well as Canadian Tax Return Preparer. We are US-Canada cross-border tax accountant in Torotno, Ontario, Canada. Do you have late taxes (personal or business) to File? We do back tax.   

Handling of IRS Penalty issue with regards to Form 5471 and Form 5472

Are you yet to start accounting works and/or filing of returns (Tax/HST/Payroll Tax/WSIB) despite continuing your business for years?

We can help you to update with Canada Revenue Agency-CRA, WSIB and US Internal Revenue Service -IRS.

We are authorized by both Canadian CRA and US IRS.

We do our best to provide most cost effective and best solution in the given circumstances through our research capability due to multi-facet backgrounds including law graduation (Bangladesh) and Computer Programming (Bangladesh) in addition to three North American professional accounting designations. 

To Avoid Mess, Prefer a Knowledgeable Canadian & US Certified Professional Accountant with Public Practice License!!

Be Smart and Safe!! Ensure Your Best Interest!!

Very Reasonable Fees are Charged Despite Holding Three Professional Accounting Designations from Canada (CPA, CGA, CMA) and USA (CPA)!!

Who We Are:

Farid U. Kamal

CPA (Canada), CGA (Canada), CMA (Canada), CPA (USA), CGMA

President & CEO

Professional Membership:

  • Certified General Accountants (CGA) of Ontario, Canada
  • Certified Management Accountants (CMA) of Ontario, Canada
  • Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA) of Canada - A Recent Unification of CMA Canada, CGA Canada and CA Canada
  • American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), USA
  • The New York State Society of CPAs, USA
  • The Ohio Society of CPAs, USA
  • The Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Bangladesh (ICMAB)

Other Academic Backgrounds:

  • Bachelor of Commerce with Hons.(B.Com) & Master of Commerce (M.Com):

Department of Accounting, University of Chittagong, Bangladesh

  • Bachelor of Law (LL.B): Chittagong Law College, Bangladesh 

A US-Canada Cross-border Tax Specialist and International Tax Accountant in Toronto, Canada:

  • To minimize net US-Canada Tax and to avoid double taxation, handle both US tax as well as Canadian tax together as understand both US-Canada tax perspective being professionally certified (CPA) from both USA and Canada as well as authorized tax preparer of US IRS and Canadian CRA
  • US Tax Accountant, Canadian tax Accountant, International Tax Accountant
  • US IRS authorized CAA for US ITIN application in Toronto, Canada
  • Prepare US Form 1099, US W-2, 1042-S, etc in Toronto

Overall Expertise:

  • Long 30 plus years of experiences and expertise in accounting, taxation, finance, costing, IT/system and administrative matters
  • Independently work as US Tax preparer in Toronto (GTA) and prepare US personal tax return, US business tax return, US Corporate tax return, US Partnership tax return, US Estate tax return, file US Form 1099, W-2, etc
  • Extensively worked (from 1989), as a Computer Programmer, for business/system analysis and source code writing (DOS based FoxPro) to develop stand alone software (with multiuser) for computerization of departments relating to accounts, inventory, sales, shipping, etc.including the designing/developing/managing of this website.
  • Documentation and writing of user manual (English version) pertaining to above own developed integrated accounting/inventory/sales related software for previous employers
  • US Internal Revenue Services (IRS) Authorized Tax Return Preparer (PTIN Holder)

Publication and Presentation:

  • Wrote articles in four English national dailies of Bangladesh relating to implementation of IT in Accounts. Finance and other departments
  • Presented CPE, as a keynote speaker, before CMA (Bangladesh) memebers, conducted new employee orientations & trainings, and conducted software training to team members

Our In-depth Services:

We offer a wide range of services to our clients. Our clients benefit from personalized and quality service that is beyond comparison. We listed the services that we offer to our clients. Since the list below is by no means comprehensive, please feel free to inquire about a service if you do not see it listed.

Our Fees

Fees? Don't worry. Helping people and enjoying their affection is one of our prime objectives. Yes, we need some money to sustain. But we never compel people to pay beyond their ability.

We hope to see you again! Check back for updated website.

Thanks for visiting!

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